Mosque and minaret ceramic decorative statues on a bookshelf next to 3 candle holders

3 Unique Father's Day Gifts that Dad will Love - Part 2

Posted by Mariya Collins on

Father's Day Gift Idea #2

Minimalist, Neutral, Home Decor

When we think of home decor, and how to style our homes, we don't typically think about the men in our lives  While it's just as important for the guys' tastes and styles to be reflected in our design choices, it's often a challenge finding tasteful, neutral decor that appeals to men.  Hence, our natural default to tools, electronics, appliances, and hardware.

This past Ramadan, we realized just how much the men in our lives love RASM.  Check out this photo shared by Mohammad Q.  He was so eager to get his hands on our Pearls of North Africa Mosque & Minaret collection, that he placed an order, all the way from the UK, and then signed up to be one of our RASM Affiliates!  Mohammad agrees that our Mosque & Minaret are the perfect, unique gift for Dad this Father's Day.  With their neutral colour, clean lines, and minimalist design, these heavy, cement sculptures will look fantastic on Dad's desk or dresser any time of the year.

 Happy customer with mosque and minaret sculpture

Purchase the Pearls of North Africa Mosque & Minaret

 Part 3 coming soon!  Stay tuned . . . 

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