A Philanthropic Journey: Our Commitment to Giving Back

A Philanthropic Journey: Our Commitment to Giving Back

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Since our inception in 2017, RASM has been deeply committed to giving back to the community and supporting those in need, both locally and internationally.  We've been incredibly blessed and fortunate to have been able to impact the lives of so many, through various initiatives and partnerships with charitable organizations, and it's our hope to continue to give back for many years to come, inshaAllah. 

Open hands holding a piece of paper with the words "give back"

Local Community Support

Our community means the world to us. By providing financial assistance and resources to our local mosques, Islamic schools, and women's shelters, RASM has helped these institutions continue to do their important work and provide much-needed services to those in need.

A Muslim teacher with students at an Islamic School

International Relief Efforts

Our commitment to humanitarian causes extends beyond local borders. Through our partnership with Islamic Relief, we've participated in numerous international relief efforts, including earthquake & flood relief in Turkey and Syria (2023) and humanitarian aid in Gaza (2023-2024).

Displaced Syrian refugees after the earthquake and floods of 2023

Partnership with Nisa Homes

One of our most beloved charities is Nisa Homes: an organization that provides shelter and support to Muslim women and children across Canada. This year, we partnered with several local philanthropists, as well as ICNA Relief, raising $120,000 to cover all overhead costs, for several branches of Nisa Homes, for an entire year. This partnership allowed Nisa Homes to focus on delivering quality care and expanded services without the burden of worrying about annual expenses.

Muslim woman holding her young child

Ramadan Initiatives

Each Ramadan, we donate a portion of our sales proceeds to a deserving charity. This year, we focused on Palestine. In past years, we've donated to other local and international charities and charitable causes.

The giving of coins to someone in need of charity

Looking Ahead

As an organization, we will always stay committed to making a difference in the lives of others by giving back. Whether we're supporting local institutions or donating to international relief efforts, we take take pleasure in helping to build a brighter future for individuals and communities around the world.

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