Open RASM Moon Dome Jar in Sand, filled with yellow roses and baby's breath. Photo title is Summer Gifting with RASM. roses and baby

Cute & Crafty Summer Housewarming Gift Idea

Posted by Mariya Collins on

Housewarming Season's in Full Bloom

It's no secret that June, July and August are the most popular months for moving to a new home.  Whether it's your neighbor, your parents, your cousin or your best friend, chances are you know someone making a move this summer.  But what to do to help welcome them to their new home?

Towels are boring. Coffee makers are too particular.  Flowers are nice but last only a short time.  

It's Time to Get Crafty & Creative with Your Housewarming Gifts 

Here's a fresh idea from Farah @facets.of.farah we absolutely love for summer!

Cut fresh flowers of your choice.  Mix with some baby's breath.  Arrange inside your favorite RASM Moon Dome Jar (pictured here in sand), and Voila!  You have the perfect summer housewarming gift. 


The neutral tones of these jars will match the decor of any home.  Filled with flowers, the Moon Dome Jar makes the perfect centerpiece on a kitchen, dining or side table.  It's sure to fill any home with lovely scents and vibrant cheer.

Open RASM Moon Dome Jar filled with yellow roses and baby's breath

Food Safe

Did you know that the Moon Dome Jar is also food safe?  Simply clean the inside with soap and water, and fill your jar with your favorite snack foods: nuts, chocolates, or candies.  It's the perfect piece for serving your party guests.  


The Moon Dome Jar is so versatile.  Add it to your bedroom dresser, nightstand, or bookshelf, and it makes for the perfect accent piece.  

Summer Pink Themed Bookshelf with flowers and RASM Mosque & Minaret and Moon Dome Jar


Purchase the Moon Dome Jar for your uniquely perfect summer housewarming gift today!

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