The Early Medinah Concept

The Early Medinah Concept

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At RASM we believe in the stories that create our designs. Every Medinah has a tale of it’s own and our holistic approach is to bring our Medinah’s to any and every space with an enchanting tale. With each product, our goal for our customers is to grow more aware of the historical richness that the eastern culture offers and develop the impression of luxury and uniqueness in our products.

Pearls Of North Africa Mosque & Minaret Sculptures

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There Was A Vision

We debut our Early Medinahs Collection with The Pearls of North Africa Mosque and Minaret Sculptures©. The vernacular design was influenced by the simple yet resilient lifestyle the villagers had, and indeed was reflected in their places of worship as well. Using earthly resourced materials from their surroundings, the mosques with their protecting fortress build, also evoked a sense of security, peace and serenity. Like a rare pearl in an oyster, the pearl’s magnificent beauty is one protected with a simple yet strong foundation, as seen in these Sub-Saharan mosques.

Hanan, our founder and talented designer, poured her creativity and vision into crafting the Pearls of North Africa sculptures©. Her original work captures the essence of Sub-Saharan mosques and the resilient lifestyle of the villagers, bringing forth a sense of security, peace, and serenity to any space they inhabit. The design of these sculptures evolved through a process of deep exploration and research into the architectural and cultural elements of Sub-Saharan mosques. Hanan drew inspiration from the resilient spirit of the villagers and the simplicity yet grandeur of their places of worship, resulting in a collection that embodies both tradition and modernity. Through countless iterations and refinements, the sculptures took shape, each one telling a unique story of craftsmanship and cultural heritage.


Ghadames, Djerba, and Biskra are a few of the influential North African Sub-Saharan villages inspiring the design of the Pearls of North Africa.

the purpose

Whether your interior is modern or classic, the mosque and minaret sculptures with their white sleek finish will fit perfectly in any space. Our sculptures serve as both a bespoke decorative and functional piece in your home.

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RASM Promises To Keep

We strive to create high quality lifestyle products that lift your spirit and spark culture appreciation.The Early Medinahs Collection doesn't end here. With many more Medinahs inspiring us, our collection continues to grow.