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the moon jars 




Functional Beauty

Statement decor items that are great to serve dried food, treats, store your little treasures among other uses. Will shine in your home or office.  Great gift to oneself or others

High Quality and Amazing Craftmanship

Made to last . Crafted out of food grade Aluminum. Has heavy premium feel thanks to the thick Aluminum walls. The top edge was machined and polished carefully for perfect fitment and long lasting aesthetic appeal. The inner surface is coated for ease of cleaning. The crescent was redesigned and offered in two colors to further the minimalist look without altering its authenticity

Very Popular

We released the first batch of our Moon Dome Jars in 2019. Our customers simply love these jars. They've been described as beautiful, fancy, iconic and timeless. They truly are!

Enhanced Design

New crescent moon topper has been redesigned and is now cuter and smaller than the previous model. The interiors of the jars are now coated for easy cleaning, and a new advanced coloring technique to achieve the perfect, smooth, even-toned, rich colors you see in the photos.

Design & Color

Make a statement with our beautiful Moon Dome Jars. Crafted from a thick, food-grade Aluminum. They have a simple, elegant design, characterized by their rounded form and unique crescent moon topper. The Moon Dome Jars come in a wide color range. From chic neutral hues to bold matte black, there's a color for every taste and style that's sure to look fabulous in any room in your house or office!

Beautiful, minimalist and authentic 

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Food Safe

Made out of food safe Aluminum and coated with food safe coating, the new Moon Dome Jars are 100% lead/cadmium free, unlike other pottery ware.  

Durable & Sturdy

The Moon Dome Jars are unbreakable and made to last vs other ceramic-ware.


Why do I need to pre-order?

  • 1. SAVING $$$$. You are guaranteed the lowest price when you pre-order today
  • 2. AVOID missing out and restocking delay! Peace of Mind FTW!
  • 3. First-hand access to ALL colors, you get to choose from a wide selection of colors first!
  • 4. You'll get your hands on our MOST improved and enhanced batch we've made to date
  • 5. You can finally complete your COLLECTION, as these are collectible pieces you can never have too many of!

When should I expect to receive my order?

 Late Fall/Winter 2022

Can I change my order after placing it?

You may change your Dome Jar color or crescent moon topper finish as long as the order has not yet shipped, subject to availability. Simply contact us to make the change.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order for a full refund as long as the order has not yet shipped. Simply contact us to cancel.

I got the golden trio can I ship my items together to save on shipping fees?

By default, the system will charge for 2 shipping labels. If you wish to have only one shipment:

1. Leave a note with your order in the customer notes section

2. Contact us right after you place your order to give us a heads up that you want your order shipped together

3. We will refund you for 1 of the shipping label fees

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