The Early Medinahs Collection

A Tale of a Thousand Medinahs

The Concept

The story, The vision, and The Promise we will keep behind all our Early Medinahs...

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Meet Our First Early Medinahs

Pearls of North Africa

The Early Medinahs Collection debuts with our improved, enhanced, and hand-crafted Pearls of North Africa candle tealight lanterns , The Mosque and The Minaret.


Pre Order FAQs

Our production line for our Pearls of North Africa Mosque and Minaret is in full steam and is expected to be ready to ship out to you by Mid March 2022 ! Please check our website and monitor your email regularly for shipping and production updates.

March 7th, 2022. However, our current shipping time frames are an estimate and we will update you if there is a significant delay in our delivery. If you decide to cancel your order at any time prior to shipping out your order you may do so at any time after placing your order.

Due to the global supply chain crisis, shipping delays may occur. Our RASM customers  are the core essential part of our business model. That's why we will keep regularly updating you on shipping delays and restock information as soon as we know them.